And everyone who wants to start growing native plants has to look for them at native plant sales held at various locations on various occasions throughout the year. Wholesale nurseries don't sell to the public, and few retail stores specialize in native plants. 

To encourage retailers to sell native plants all the time, our volunteers collect and pot the extra plants from many different gardens throughout our area, including backyard gardens. The plants are given to retailers who can sell them at regular market prices, and share part of the proceeds with non-profit environmental groups. These organizations, in turn, start and maintain native plant gardens for the public, and teach home gardeners to plant natives.

Homegrown native plants for sale at Grandfather's Garden Center, 2016. 

Packera aurea, golden ragwort, spreads by runners to fill in a border. 

Outstanding Fields

The idea behind the distributed nursery is that everyone who grows native plants eventually has extra native plants.  

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