Golden Ragwort (Packera aurea, formerly Senecio aureus)

Evergreen, deer-resistant, sun or shade, dry or wet, easy ground cover!

Golden ragwort (also called golden groundsel) is a hardy perennial native plant. It spreads through runners to form dense stands that discourage weeds. It is easily divided and transplanted. The seeds don't need special treatment (such as cold stratification) to germinate.

It grows well in sun (southern exposure, March 15; same plants, April 12.)

It also grows in shade (left, March 15; same plants on April 2.)

Golden ragwort can grow in dry shade, as well as in moist or wet conditions (especially in a sunny spot), making it a good choice for a rain garden. It attracts bees and butterflies.

Golden ragwort keeps its leaves and can stay green through the winter; this photo was taken on January 9.

It is one of the first plants to flower in the spring (photo taken March 28).

Last, but not least, deer won’t eat it.