Spring Daisies!

The first members of the aster family to bloom in the spring are the Erigeron species: 
   Erigeron philadelphicus, common fleabane (the tall one) and 

 Erigeron pulchellus, Robin’s Plantain (the short one).

White, daisy-like flowers appear in clusters above a basal rosette of wide, scalloped leaves. The plants spread by runners and seeds to form an attractive ground cover that can stay green year-round. Both species are perennials. Robin’s plantain tends to emerge first in the spring, and the flowers can be tinged with pink or lavender.

Both perennial species of Erigeron have leaves that clasp the stem.

Another species of fleabane is an annual, which means it blooms longer than the perennial species, but doesn't live over the winter. Erigeron annuus can be distinguished by its leaves, which don't clasp the stem, but have a short petiole instead.